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URL Decoder


Our URL Decoder is a valuable tool designed to decode URL strings back into their original format. URL decoding is essential for interpreting URLs that have been encoded for transmission over the internet.

How it Works

The URL Decoder operates by reversing the process of URL encoding. It takes URL strings containing percent-encoded characters and decodes them back into their original format. Each percent-encoded sequence is replaced by the corresponding character in the ASCII character set.


Using the URL Decoder is simple. Just input the URL string you wish to decode into the provided text box and click the "Decode" button. The tool will then decode the URL string, and the decoded result will be displayed, ready for use.


Our URL Decoder offers several benefits:

  • Compatibility: Decoded URLs are compatible with all web browsers and servers, ensuring smooth interpretation and processing.
  • Accuracy: URL decoding ensures that special characters in URLs are correctly interpreted, preventing errors and ensuring reliable transmission.
  • Convenience: The URL Decoder provides a quick and easy way to decode URL strings, saving time and effort.


The URL Decoder has various applications:

  • Web Development: Developers use URL decoding to interpret URL parameters and data transmitted over the internet.
  • Data Interpretation: URL decoding allows users to accurately interpret and process URL strings containing special characters.
  • Security: URL decoding helps prevent security vulnerabilities by ensuring that special characters are correctly interpreted and processed.


Our URL Decoder provides a reliable and efficient solution for decoding URL strings back into their original format. Whether you're developing web applications or interpreting URL parameters, our tool ensures that your URLs are accurately decoded for reliable and secure processing.

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