SQL formatter/beautifier

SQL Formatter/Beautifier


Our SQL Formatter/Beautifier is a powerful tool designed to format SQL queries for readability and consistency. Whether you're a database administrator, SQL developer, or data analyst, our tool helps you organize and structure SQL code to improve understanding and maintainability.


  • Indentation: Automatically indents SQL code to clearly indicate the structure of queries, including SELECT, FROM, WHERE, JOIN, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, and other clauses.
  • Formatting: Standardizes SQL syntax by applying consistent spacing, line breaks, and capitalization to keywords and identifiers.
  • Alignment: Aligns columns and expressions in SELECT statements for enhanced readability and visual clarity.
  • Comments Handling: Preserves comments within SQL code while ensuring they are appropriately formatted and aligned.
  • Options: Provides customization options to adjust formatting preferences, such as tab size, keyword casing, and quote style.

How it Works

Our SQL Formatter/Beautifier operates by taking input SQL code and applying formatting rules based on user preferences. It then generates well-organized and visually appealing SQL queries that are easier to understand and maintain.


Using the SQL Formatter/Beautifier is simple:

  1. Input: Paste or type your SQL code into the provided text area.
  2. Options: Customize formatting options according to your preferences.
  3. Format: Click the "Format" or "Beautify" button to apply formatting to the SQL code.
  4. Review: Review the formatted SQL code displayed below and copy it for use in your projects.


Our SQL Formatter/Beautifier offers several benefits:

  • Readability: Enhance code readability and comprehension by organizing SQL queries in a structured and consistent manner.
  • Maintainability: Simplify maintenance tasks by standardizing SQL code formatting across databases and development teams.
  • Productivity: Save time and effort by automating the formatting process and focusing on SQL query logic and optimization.
  • Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration and code reviews by presenting SQL code in a clean and professional format.


Our SQL Formatter/Beautifier is an essential tool for SQL developers and database professionals seeking to improve the organization, readability, and maintainability of their SQL code. By standardizing formatting and layout, our tool enhances productivity and collaboration while ensuring consistency across SQL queries.

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