IDN Punnycode converter

IDN Punycode Converter


Our IDN Punycode Converter is a tool designed to convert Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) into Punycode and vice versa. IDNs allow domain names to contain non-ASCII characters, enabling support for languages and scripts other than English. Punycode is a standardized encoding scheme used to represent IDNs with ASCII characters, making them compatible with the Domain Name System (DNS).

How it Works

The IDN Punycode Converter operates by decoding Punycode-encoded domain names into their corresponding Unicode representations for IDNs or encoding Unicode domain names into Punycode for DNS compatibility. It follows the specifications outlined in RFC 3492 to ensure accurate conversion between IDNs and Punycode.


Using the IDN Punycode Converter is simple. Input the domain name in either Unicode or Punycode format into the provided text box, and then click the appropriate conversion button based on the input format. The tool will then display the converted domain name in the desired output format.


Our IDN Punycode Converter offers several benefits:

  • Unicode Support: Enable registration of domain names in non-ASCII characters to better represent languages and scripts worldwide.
  • DNS Compatibility: Convert IDNs into Punycode to ensure compatibility with DNS systems that only support ASCII characters for domain names.
  • Internationalization: Facilitate access to online resources and services by providing domain names that accurately reflect local languages and cultural identities.


The IDN Punycode Converter has various applications:

  • Domain Registration: Register domain names with non-ASCII characters for websites, email addresses, or online applications.
  • Internationalization Strategies: Develop multilingual websites or online platforms that cater to diverse linguistic communities with IDN support.
  • Technical Operations: Manage and configure DNS records, server settings, or network infrastructure with accurate representation of IDNs using Punycode.


Our IDN Punycode Converter provides a valuable tool for converting Internationalized Domain Names into Punycode and vice versa. Whether you're registering domain names, configuring DNS settings, or supporting multilingual web development, our tool offers a convenient solution for working with IDNs and ensuring compatibility with DNS systems.

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