HTTP headers lookup

HTTP Headers Lookup


Our HTTP Headers Lookup tool is designed to analyze and display the HTTP headers sent by a web server in response to an HTTP request. HTTP headers contain important metadata about the request and response, including information about the server, content type, caching directives, and more.

How it Works

The HTTP Headers Lookup tool operates by sending a request to the specified URL and capturing the headers returned by the server in the response. It then parses and presents these headers in a structured format for easy analysis and interpretation.


Using the HTTP Headers Lookup is simple. Just input the URL of the website or web page you want to analyze into the provided text box, and then click the "Lookup" button. The tool will then retrieve the HTTP headers from the server and display them, organized into categories such as general headers, response headers, and request headers.


Our HTTP Headers Lookup tool offers several benefits:

  • Server Information: Obtain details about the web server, including its software, version, and operating system.
  • Content Metadata: Access information about the content type, content encoding, and caching directives for the requested resource.
  • Security Analysis: Identify security-related headers, such as CORS policies, HSTS settings, and XSS protection directives.


The HTTP Headers Lookup tool has various applications:

  • Web Development: Analyze HTTP headers to debug issues, optimize performance, or ensure compliance with web standards.
  • Security Testing: Assess the security posture of web applications by examining HTTP security headers and configurations.
  • Network Monitoring: Monitor HTTP traffic and headers for troubleshooting network issues or identifying potential vulnerabilities.


Our HTTP Headers Lookup provides a convenient and powerful tool for analyzing HTTP headers sent by web servers. Whether you're a web developer, security analyst, or network administrator, our tool offers valuable insights into the communication between clients and servers on the web.

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