HTML tags remover

HTML Tags Remover


Our HTML Tags Remover is a simple yet effective tool designed to strip HTML tags from text content. Whether you're cleaning up text copied from a website, removing formatting from HTML documents, or sanitizing user-generated content, our tool provides an easy way to extract plain text from HTML.


  • HTML Tag Stripping: Removes all HTML tags from the input text, leaving only plain text.
  • Preservation of Text: Retains the textual content while discarding any HTML formatting or markup.
  • Batch Processing: Supports processing multiple pieces of text simultaneously for efficiency.
  • Real-time Updates: Provides instant feedback on the cleaned text as users input their HTML content.

How it Works

Our HTML Tags Remover operates by scanning the input text for HTML tags and stripping them from the content. It identifies opening and closing tags, as well as self-closing tags, and removes them, leaving only the plain text behind. Users can input their HTML content, and the tool will generate the corresponding plain text output.


Using the HTML Tags Remover is straightforward:

  1. Input HTML Content: Paste or input the HTML content into the provided text field.
  2. Remove Tags: Click the "Remove Tags" button to initiate the tag removal process.
  3. View Plain Text: The tool will display the plain text output in a separate area for easy copying.


Our HTML Tags Remover offers several benefits:

  • Clarity: Provides clear and readable text by removing HTML formatting and markup.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines the process of extracting plain text from HTML content.
  • Accuracy: Ensures accurate removal of HTML tags while preserving the textual content.
  • Real-time Feedback: Offers instant feedback on the cleaned text, allowing users to review and adjust as needed.


Our HTML Tags Remover is a valuable tool for anyone needing to extract plain text from HTML content. By offering efficient tag removal and real-time feedback, our tool helps simplify the process of cleaning up HTML documents and preparing text for further processing or publication.

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