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Color Picker


Our Color Picker is a user-friendly tool designed to select and identify colors from a digital image or web page. With this tool, users can easily extract color values from specific pixels on the screen and obtain their corresponding RGB, HEX, HSL, or other color representations.

How it Works

The Color Picker operates by allowing users to hover over or click on an area of interest within an image or web page. It then captures the color information from the selected pixel and displays it in various color models, providing users with flexibility and precision in color selection.


Using the Color Picker is intuitive:

  1. Select Mode: Choose between hover mode (color information displayed as you hover over pixels) or click mode (color information displayed upon clicking).
  2. Hover or Click: Move your cursor over the image or web page to see color information in real-time (hover mode) or click on a specific area to capture color data (click mode).
  3. Copy Color: Copy the color value (RGB, HEX, HSL, etc.) to the clipboard for use in design projects, web development, or other applications.


Our Color Picker offers several benefits:

  • Precision: Accurately select and identify colors from digital images or web pages with pixel-level precision.
  • Efficiency: Save time and effort by quickly capturing color values without the need for manual sampling or approximation.
  • Flexibility: Obtain color information in multiple color models to accommodate different design workflows, software tools, or preferences.


The Color Picker has various applications:

  • Graphic Design: Select colors for graphic design projects, digital illustrations, or photo editing with ease and accuracy.
  • Web Development: Identify colors used in web page elements, such as buttons, text, backgrounds, or images, for frontend development or UI/UX design.
  • Color Analysis: Analyze color schemes, palettes, or trends in digital imagery for artistic inspiration, branding research, or color psychology studies.


Our Color Picker provides a convenient and powerful tool for selecting and extracting colors from digital images or web pages. Whether you're a designer, developer, or enthusiast, our tool offers a seamless way to explore, identify, and utilize colors in your creative projects.

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