Bcrypt generator

Bcrypt Generator


Our Bcrypt Generator is a secure tool designed to generate cryptographic hashes using the bcrypt hashing algorithm. Bcrypt is a popular cryptographic hashing function known for its security and resistance to brute-force attacks, making it suitable for securely storing passwords and sensitive data.

How it Works

The Bcrypt Generator operates by accepting a plaintext input, typically a password, and applying the bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate a secure hash. Bcrypt incorporates salt and a cost factor to increase the computational complexity of the hashing process, thereby enhancing security.


Using the Bcrypt Generator is simple. Just input the plaintext password you wish to hash into the provided text box, along with the desired cost factor (work factor). Then, click the "Generate" button, and the tool will produce the bcrypt hash for the input password.


Our Bcrypt Generator offers several benefits:

  • Security: Bcrypt is designed to resist brute-force attacks and rainbow table attacks, providing a high level of security for password storage.
  • Flexibility: The generator allows users to specify the cost factor, allowing for customization of the computational complexity and security level of the generated hashes.
  • Compatibility: Bcrypt hashes generated by our tool are compatible with bcrypt implementations in various programming languages and platforms.


The Bcrypt Generator has various applications:

  • Password Storage: Use Bcrypt hashes to securely store passwords in databases, ensuring the protection of user credentials.
  • Authentication: Verify user passwords by comparing them against Bcrypt hashes during the authentication process in web applications.
  • Data Security: Hash sensitive data such as API keys, tokens, and cryptographic secrets for secure storage and transmission.


Our Bcrypt Generator provides a reliable and secure solution for generating cryptographic hashes using the bcrypt algorithm. Whether you're storing passwords, verifying user credentials, or securing sensitive data, our tool offers a convenient means of generating Bcrypt hashes to enhance security.

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